Keeping Up With Events Online

What do you need for an online event? A lot!

BlogWorld New Media Expo 2009 has a post about what you can do to follow and (sort of) participate in the event if you can’t make it to Las Vegas this October. Five things on the list, do you have access to them all? Would you be able to use them yourself to keep track of an event or to promote and report on your own event as it happens?

1.Twitter – Tweeting has become as popular as Facebook but it’s much simpler and cleaner. I think of it as Facebook stripped down to the bare bones as just a simple way to communicate with others.

2. Blogs – No link here as blogs are everywhere, there is no one blog I would link to. But if something is going on you can be sure you will find it reported in blogs all over the world and in all kinds of topics/ niches. You can even try to get bloggers to link to your event and make a report about what they find if they are attending themselves.

3. PodcastsPodcasts are like the old ham radio, but online. You need to find software or something online that works for you, but you can have a live report, a play-by-play on everything as it happens. Look for podcasters to report the event before, during and after even if you make your own podcast. The more voices the merrier. Have a look at BlogTalkRadio.

4. Flickr – Podcasts are the sound but Flickr has the visual, with commentary on the photos or video feeds. Not everyone is keen on video posts to Flickr so you might consider that as you work out how you will post. Others will post their photos too.

5. YouTube – Famous for home made movies. In the end, it’s a combination of the podcasts and Flickr posts, the sound and the fury.

Do you know how to use the sites and software above? If not you should find out, even if you aren’t creating or hosting an event. It’s important to keep up with the popular media.

Cell Phone Etiquette

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, as I read it on Twitter this morning. Read about cell phone etiquette on wikiHow, pass the link along to those who are so addicted to their phones they ignore the people sitting right in front of (and around) them.

Digital Media Wire has 12 Unwritten Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette.

Road and Travel Magazine has The Basic Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette. Geared to travelers but relevant for anyone around other people. To quote Denise McMcluggage (who wrote the article):

Keep in mind, the more available you make yourself the more available everyone will expect you to be. People will actually be miffed if you are not instantly and constantly available rather than being pleased when you do call.

If you had an hour for a lunch break and were sitting at a table of co-workers where you were the only one not talking on a cell phone what would be your best line to get their attention and stop playing with themselves (on their phones)? It’s great to write these great lines when you have some time to think about them. At the time you never get time to really come up with just the right thing to say and then even spend time perfecting it for just that moment.

Twitter Becoming Polluted

How do you use Twitter? Is it a social thing, a marketing campaign, a networking scheme or a blog promotion gimmick for you? Are you gathering followers to actually talk to people or just to increase the range of your self spamming?

I only follow people I actually do want to hear from or think are interesting. So I don’t have hundreds or thousands of people on my follow list. I don’t want a lot of people there. Too bad there isn’t a different Twitter for people who want to use it commercially. That way they could spam each other and those who want to actually be social could do so without needing a weed whacker.

It seems every time there is a social site set up it gets turned into the latest marketing game. Each site (from the old newsgroups to MyBlogLog) becomes a wasteland in turn. Polluted with commercials and marketing campaigns. When is it going to stop? Does everything have to be abused this way? Can’t people just find one place to spam their posts and leave a few unpolluted?

I am thinking to just dump my Twitter account. It was fun but I can see the writing on the wall for it now. The blog marketers are quick to defend their right to spam but no one seems to understand that people who want to avoid their marketing campaigns and gimmicks should have the right to do so too!

A Sign of Twitters To Come?

The Love Ogre has made a home for itself on Twitter.

I’m a real person or ogre trying to help spread a little happiness and love advice from my own life.

As quoted from the Love Ogre’s response to a Twitter post. I think it’s a good use of the Twitter forum. A live question and answer advice feed. It doesn’t link to a blog in the profile, it is all on Twitter and only on Twitter as far as I can tell. A throw back to when people made webpages and didn’t cover them with ads. When the web was still free and the deers and the antelope roamed. A bit over done on that last part maybe. But I did get a little happy and nostalgic seeing this Twitter in my contacts tonight. It’s like when everyone still put up a page for the sake of creating something, just putting something out there and not expecting anything back.

Good luck Love Ogre. Now, will you answer my question?…

Twitter Me This

Design Reviver has a post with “25 of the Best Designed Twitter Homepages“. Nice to see what people have done within the limitations of Twitter profiles.  If you are on Twitter have you done anything more than the standard with your profile? It might not seem too important but each chance to stretch your creativity is a good thing. Have a look at the profiles picked by Design Reviver and see if you don’t feel inspired yourself.  You are welcome to add a link to yourself on Twittter with comments to this post. We can do our own “Best Designed”.

Me on Twitter. I haven’t done too much with mine yet.

I’ve found two places which help you with a Twitter background.  Twitter Backgrounds and Free Twitter Designer.

Insignificant, with Attitude

“I’m insignificant, with attitude”  –  found on Spicybug’s Twitter profile.

Who doesn’t feel insignificant at times. There are so many people in the world to compare ourselves to. Before we even begin to put our best foot forward we are far outnumbered. Save yourself, have some attitude. In the end you can only control yourself and no one else has that advantage. Just you. Go scare a few people, or at least surprise them!

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson