Mad Science Grrl Does it Again

The computer is formatted again and I am back to reinstalling all the software again. Some I think I will leave off. I still have hopes of getting a new computer. Once the taxes are actually, finally done and I get some money back. Computers aren’t as pricey as they were last time I bought a new one. Maybe I don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a new one this time. That would be nice.

Anyway, it’s nice using a clutter free computer. It’s running faster and the mysterious and aggravating slow downs are gone. Maybe not all of that was from Sympatico. I think at least part of it was Webshots so I am not going to load that again. I do think I will go to my backup disk and nab the fonts and some graphics which I saved.

One thing I forgot to save to the back up disk were my bookmarks. Most of them don’t matter, but a lot were sites I intended to go back to and have a better look at. The ones that I do wish I had saved were about local history and urban exploration. It’s a pain that they are gone cause each was a site I found by chance. I didn’t find it through Google or any other search.

Do other people reformat their hard drive now and then? Seems few do when I ask. I think it’s great. Like having a new computer, almost. This one is so old I can’t say it feels new this time around. A lot of new stuff won’t work with Windows ME now. Stupid of them. Not everyone wants to buy the latest Windows, it’s unfair that software makers try to force it. I can’t use Google Toolbar, the new one now. They made if for Windows XP and up. Idiots. One more strike against the almighty Google.

Anyway, tonight I am going to muck around with the computer. I only installed one game so far. I thought I would do the split hard drive thing and have Ubuntu here but I decided against it cause this is such an old computer now and it does have little things going wrong with it. But, I will keep it when I get the new one. That way I don’t need to split the hard drive of a new computer. I can keep this one for the old software and start the new one on Ubuntu and keep it that way. I’m looking forward to it.

Guardian Unlimited: Websites that Changed the World

An article about the mega sites.

Founded: Pierre Omidyar, 1995, US
What is it? Auction and shopping site

Founded: Jimmy Wales, 2001, US
What is it? Online encyclopaedia

Founded: Shawn Fanning, 1999, US
What is it? File sharing site

Founded: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, 2005, US
What is it? Video sharing site

Founded: Evan Williams, 1999, US
What is it? Weblog publishing system

Founded: Steve and Julie Pankhurst, 1999, UK
What is it? School reunion site

Founded: Matt Drudge, 1994, US
What is it? News site

Founded: Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, 2003, US
What is it? Social networking site

Founded: Jeff Bezos, 1994, US
What is it? Online retailer, primarily of books, CDs and DVDs

Founded: Rob Malda, 1997, US
What is it? Technology news website and internet forum

Founded: David Talbot, 1995, US
What is it? Online magazine and media company.

Founded: Craig Newmark, 1995, US
What is it? A centralised network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements and forums.

Founded: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, 1998, US
What is it? Search engine and media corporation

Founded: David Filo and JerryYang, 1994, US
What is it? Internet portal and media corporation

Founded: Stelios
What is it?: Budget airline

So many sites are not here. Whether they were bought out or busted or just didn’t grow enough, there must be a million other sites which had good ideas that didn’t take off. I worked for several pioneer sites which are no longer around. I still volunteer at Dmoz (The Open Directory Project) which has been owned by Netscape and AOL and used by Google and assorted other big and small search engines and web directories. Yet, Dmoz didn’t make this list. It’s too far into the background I would guess. There, but unknown.

I sometimes still write for BackWash which had the concept of presenting the “Internet by personality”. I thought that idea had potential. It did really if you consider the popularity of weblogs. However, the site didn’t grow enough, not enough push to become known so it could rise above the pack. So now it is still there, kind of dwindling, but there like a dinosaur lurking, not ready to give up and yet not having the energy to push itself out into the world any more.

I worked for HerPlanet which was a network of sites for women. That one died off, sort of mysteriously. After years of sticking it out and beginning to build traffic and a following of readers the money supply just ran out. Dottie found a buyer who let her continue to run things, more or less. The new buyer killed HerPlanet. They just never did anything to get the sites back up and online. A year or so later (long after I knew HerPlanet was dead) the domains all became 404, one by one. It was sad. Now and then I check to see if anyone else has begun a site for those domains: or (which was the site I managed) and so on.

What sites do you think could have or should be on this list of world changing sites?