Write a Themed Niche Blog

You want to start a blog, something new and fresh that will keep you inspired to write it and bring in lots of people to read it. I still see a lot of people starting to blog and covering the same old road-weary topics like blogging and marketing and combinations of those. It’s a mistake. Few people have enough real credentials to claim to be experts in either blogging or online marketing, both are still too new and change too quickly. (Yes, there are some experts and authorities and those who get fresh ideas, but most are regurgitating content shamelessly). Why put yourself in that pack when you can choose something far more interesting that really suits you!

Go for a niche blog in the real spirit of a niche blog. Start by evaluating your interests. Write a list of things you love, things you like and things you have been doing or thinking about lately.

I did this and came up with:

Holidays/ events, traditions with recipes, crafts, etc.
Pagan/ Wiccan/ spiritual topics.
Green living compared to old pioneer and etc. ideas.
Armageddon, science fiction ideas.
Urban and rural exploration.
Women in history.
Canadian history.
Folk tales, fairy tales and the paranormal.
Old things, vintage, antiques.
Arts and crafts from the past.
Local history and societies/ groups.
Survivalist theories.
Living off the grid.
Old words and phrases.

Then I narrowed it down to three topics from those: Holidays, Spirituality and Environmental. I didn’t really want to blog about any of those three, each seemed to be a topic I would like short term but then feel boxed in by later on.

When I looked at my list again I realized that everything on my list connected with history in some way. I love history, think it is one of the very under rated things we have. There are some blogs about history, the history of an area or a selection of people. But, they seem kind of stuck in a rut and are only of interest to a limited readership. I wanted a wider appeal while staying true to myself and feeling I have a free range of ideas and inspiration to write about.

So, I came up with the Green Living History blog. It is live now but still being poked and prodded along. I still need to add tags and categories for instance, maintenance work before much posting and promoting can really begin.

Anyway, if you try this you can find a niche of your own. Not a limited niche like history for a certain area or a blog about knitting or a blog about some other smaller, limited niche. Try to expand and find a themed niche rather than a topical niche.

If you love knitting consider more than just knitting. What are other things knitters like: holidays, history, vintage patterns… yes, those are kind of easy to guess. If you are a knitter you know more in depth interests and niche topics from your own list of interests and experiences. You can have a blog which started with the idea of knitting and ends up being a themed niche which appeals to knitters and a lot of others who fit into the niche but may not actually knit themselves.

I don’t know if my idea for theme niches versus topical niches is clear. I hope so. I think this is something that can really grow. A theme niche has room to grow, to expand and evolve. A theme niche blogger will need to keep a good list of topical niche blogs for ideas and resources, they are your resource. But, a theme niche blogger goes that bit farther, into offshoots, side trips and even the odd daydream.

Let me know if you start a theme niche blog. I’d like to see what others come up with once they start making a list of everything and then sort it down to one niche. I once wrote for a site called BackWash where the tagline was “The Internet by Personality”. I think this was an idea that should have worked. But, it can work for you, with some planning, some thought and some invention.

A Vintage Burlesque Star

Renee Andre claims to be one of the first strippers to have a breast enlargement. It almost killed her. I read this in a book review (Chatelaine magazine) for Pretty Things, about burlesque queens and vintage glamour shots, by Liz Goldwyn.

I couldn’t find anything about Renee Andre, just mentions of her in regards to other burlesque stars and movies. I thought that’s kind of sad.

So, invent her life. Who was she from her humble beginnings, through her torrid youth and on into her creaky old age? Write up a biography for a vintage burlesque star.

The Burlesque Women’s Institute

The Burlesque Guide

Toronto Burlesque Festival

Glossary of  New Burlesque (from the BBC News article)

  • Neo-Burlesque: A wide range of performance styles, from classic striptease to modern dance, from satirical comedy to theatrical mini-dramas.
  • American Burlesque: Originated in 19th Century music hall entertainment. In the early 20th Century it re-emerged as a populist blend of comedy, theatre and striptease.
  • Male Burlesque: Acts who have become popular in recent years include Bearlesque and the Dream Bears.
  • Guerrilla Burlesque: When a burlesque act happens spontaneously at a show, or when burlesque performers descend upon a show uninvited.