Do You Even Know What You’re Still Blogging For?

It seems the more you put into getting your blog read, the less you put into creating something to be read. Then the more you try to create stuff the be read the thinner you spread yourself trying to be everything to everyone. Then you realize no one cares so you go back to trying to get noticed. It’s a circle, never ending. But, do you even remember why you wanted to start a blog?

I never really did have a real plan in mind. I thought blogs were ultra cool, the community was a lot smaller and fun, the whole web publishing thing still holds a ton of appeal to me too. But, I think I lost myself somewhere along the way. I’ve stretched myself backwards and inside out trying to get attention, make the numbers on my counter go up. All the while telling myself I didn’t really care if the counter moved at all. That wasn’t the point. Yet, I joined webrings, blogrolls and did other stuff to help increase traffic here. For what?

I don’t reliably stay on any one topic. I don’t even journal regularly any more. Sometimes I just don’t want to say anything yet I feel I have to come up with something to post to mark the day.

It’s silly. What does one blog matter? Why do I care if I have traffic? I think I want to be heard and yet at the moment I don’t have a whole lot I want to talk about. I wish I was still doing my site for writers. I liked that, it had a purpose for one thing.

I’m not going to quit blogging, I’ve been doing it too long to quit. This isn’t my first blog or the only blog ware I’ve used. I wish I still had my old blogs, I did try to keep some of the old stuff but it seems to have gotten lost during this move or that move. Likely it’s never to be seen again.

Not like me. I will be seen again, just not today I think. I’m off to see the Wizard.

Weblog Guide is Open! Guide Operations
to me


Thanks for applying. We have received your application to be an Guide for Web Logs. We receive hundreds of Guide applications each week so, while we strive to review all applications as quickly as possible, it may take up to 8 weeks before you receive a response.

Please do not resubmit your application until you receive a response from us, because that will only delay us further.

We look forward to reading your application soon.

Thank you, Editorial Team

I hope they don’t literally get hundreds of applications a week. Eeek! I would really love to do this topic there. Not only is it a paying thing but I really would enjoy sharing the things I know and find with other bloggers. It would be pretty ideal. Maybe I will get it. I just think they will end up picking someone who wrote a better application, more polished and professional and skip my silly thing.

This is what I sent (pretty light on the polished and professional side):

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! I know that sounds silly but as soon as I noticed the Weblog topic available at About I was excited and charged with energy. I would really love to become the guide for this topic. I am even experienced!

My current blog is on Blogger (beta) and has been around since June 2004. I began blogging years before, in 2000. I have used: Movable Type, Word Press, Blogger, Vox (fairly new site but exceptional!), Thingamablog (software you host yourself and update via FTP so MySQL is not required). I’ve run blog software from my own domain but have ended up using Blogger on Blogspot in part because I enjoy the community I’ve become part of there.

I am a published writer. My online content is far more relevant to blogging than offline. Currently, I am writing a blog for LockerGnome, Creative Fat Grrl. Other writing I’ve done: LockerGnome (newsletters for Windows and WebDev), HerPlanet (site for writers), Suite101 (topics for Internet newbies, writers and I managed the writing/ publishing section), BackWash (newsletters including one about the Internet, geared to web publishing) and run my own domain at

I have been online over ten years. I’m a long time volunteer editor with the Open Directory Project, eight years there. I love web design though I’m an amateur. I have planned to take a course this year so I can have something on paper saying I know what I’m doing. I have enough working knowledge of HTML and CSS to customize my own blog templates and create and maintain my own site, I’m not an expert with MySQL but I have worked with it and I continue to learn and make mistakes so I can learn more.

I review and list sites in the weblog category at the Open Directory. I often find great new blogging gadgets, hosts, communities, networks, schemes, grand ideas and unique resources through working there.

Although it’s not especially relevant now I am an ASCII artist, creating art from keyboard characters. I use my digital camera and scanner (frequently) to bring new and unique content to my blog and my readers. I’ve begun teaching myself to use software so I can create my own graphics for my blog, beyond the simple banner type things I’ve done in the past.

I’m still pretty pumped up hoping to get accepted for this topic so I can’t think of other good qualifications to add right now. I’d delay sending it but would be really disappointed if I miss a deadline to submit it. Maybe this section was supposed to be formatted as a resume but I’m not a resume setter upper, I’m a writer so this is how I’ve done it. 🙂 Really looking forward to hearing from you, I will be checking my email hourly. Just kidding, I’m not quite that nutty.