Using the Chrome Web Browser to Post to WordPress

I want to post to my sites with a content curation sort of bookmarklet. I already have an account with where I have several topics and post to them regularly, there. I’d rather put all that work, time and energy into content curation for my own sites instead. So, I’ve been looking for options.

I found a few options and then began trying them all out one by one.

Word This


Will only let you do one blog. But, I didn’t even get that far. Right click the icon and and set your blog link in the options. Then it got stuck, never saved, didn’t do anything. The bookmarklet itself opened a window which went no where. So, as much as I liked the name of this one, it is also the first one I’m deleting from the web browser.



Another which will work for one blog only. I have a few and need to post to all of them. It would not work to have a bookmarklet for each one.  Way too complicated.



Although this one is available to download from the Chrome Extensions, the website is 404. You can add up to five blogs but, I was not able to post to my blog when I tried to run this one.



This was not what I wanted at all. Only one blog and it doesn’t work to add content from another site you want to link to. This is just a quick way to write a new post without clicking through to your blog. Maybe useful for some, not worth keeping around for me. Plus, I did not like being asked to type in my password on a website other than my own. Overall, I did not mind deleting this one.

Editoy Writer


This one was more work to set up. I finally got through finding and adding an API key and authorizing the whole thing with and then… it didn’t work. I don’t know why.  I found a page written in Chinese (I think) which even once translated was no help with setting Editoy up or getting it to work.

Express Curate


This is the one I most want to work. It does work well as the WordPress plugin.  I have found it gives a memory error on my two biggest blogs, but I contacted the developers and they are working on it.

So far I am not getting the Chrome Extension to work. The developers say it should and it should work for multiple sites. So, I’m keeping it around and working getting it to work. It looks great and has all the features I want.

Addendum to Express Curate: One complication I am having with this plugin is the added code for tags which is does on auto pilot. I turned the feature on to give it a try, not entirely sure what it would do but expecting I’d have some control over it. I did not. Express Curate automatically gave all of my WordPress tags an HTML link and a hashtag. This is not a terrible thing – if you want that. I didn’t really, my tags are not that tidy and I didn’t really want the extra links. However, the real problem for me is that this also removed my capital letters, turning titles into all small letters and abbreviations too. Even once I deactivated the plugin, the HTML code remained (and the small letters too). Because of this I am now trying to go through my blogs and fix titles, remove hashtags and the extra code on tags. It is a chore.

So far nothing is working better than the old PressThis which comes with WordPress. But, I’m hoping for more.

Alltop in Decay

Alltop – Top Writing News.

Addendum: Before you read this post know that Alltop fixed the broken and doubled links. I don’t know who in particular did it but I’m very glad they did!

alltop in decay

Looking at Alltop, the Writing section which my site is a part of, is sad. I was so pleased and proud to be one of the sites asked to join originally. But, now that is tarnished as Alltop seems to be yet another website which has been sold and left to fall into linkrot.

On this Writing category page there are three sites which obviously are no longer active. Two are the same site, a double listing, even. No one seems to be looking, fixing or caring what happens to Alltop.

I’m sad to see another site crumble in the dust of making a buck.

I don’t blame site owners. If you put all of that into getting a site off the ground and were successful you might play with your laurels a bit and then be happy to take a great offer. Money enough to let you sit on your laurels and not have to work so hard again, if ever.

I know, in part, why people buy a site which has gotten big and I can understand that they don’t have the stamina or passion or whatever to keep it from falling apart. But, why do some of them deliberately buy a site and then abandon it?

It happens far too often.

I like photographing abandoned houses because they are sad, lonely and maybe I wonder about the story behind them too – the mystery. It doesn’t seem the same with abandoned sites. They fall apart in the wrong way. There is no romance to it, just decay.

Is the News Unbiased When it’s Paid For?

The New York Times announced on Thursday that it will launch a redesign of its website on Jan. 8 that will include content sponsored by advertisers, a concept known as native advertising.

via ‘New York Times’ Readies for Web Redesign on Jan. 8 With Native Ads.

For the news to run content paid by advertisers… isn’t that going backwards? How will they keep a balanced perspective and how will readers be able to trust the news when it comes from people trying to sell them stuff instead of people reporting on the facts, unbiased. Can you really trust news when it gets filtered through corporations with their own agendas?

Uncluttering your Blog: Keep your Clutter Bug in Check

Clutter builds up on your site quickly if you stop working on it. Each time you add something new to your blog, in the sidebar, the footer or the menu and header – stop and think about it.

  • Is it necessary for your blog readers?
  • Does it say something about yourself and your blog that you actually want to say?
  • Could it be moved to a subpage of your blog and not really be missed?
  • Is it slowing down the load time and, if so, is it worth it?
  • Have you located it in a way which it’s function is easy to understand?
  • Don’t keep any broken links, including images.
  • Consider moving archives, link lists and categories/ tags to their own subpage.
  • Condense and prune your tags and categories. Use a general category for things which don’t fit into the main theme/ topic of your blog.
  • Consider using plain text links rather than image files, widgets and etc.
  • Downsize and/ or double up when giving your own links to be followed on social networks.
  • If you run ads, limit them to ads which are actually performing well.

Tidy Up Your Blog’s Sidebar

Focus on your readers. What are you keeping in your sidebar for yourself? What do you actually read and like to see in a blog sidebar when you read another blog? Let that be your guide to deciding what to keep on your own blog sidebar.

Work out the most important thing in your sidebar and on your blog.Create a list of everything in your sidebar – list them in order of importance. If you have more than ten things choose a few to be voted off the island. See if you can limit your blog sidebar to 5 or fewer items.

Remember, less is more. Put away anything you want to keep but don’t really need on your sidebar. Use features like pages and even your footer to tuck and tidy away extra items.

More to Read

Start a Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Five Easy Steps to a Little Free Library in Your Neighbourhood  


1. Identify a location and steward.

2. Decide if you want to:

Order a complete Little Library or kit from our online catalogue.

Build it Yourself.  Make it official!.Get plans and instructions.

“Endow” for someone else (tax deductible!). Support Books for All in Africa, India or your community, Little Free Libraries for Small Towns or other initiatives.

Honor someone or have a Memorial Library

3. Contact us.  Use the Contact Us form on the website.  Reserve an official number and style, supplies and access to books.

4. Build Support

Lead the way. Be the first to give to the Little Free Library G.I.F.T. (Give It Forward Team) Fund.

Find a business or group sponsor

Tell your neighbours and friends. Invite them over for a little house party or send them a note asking them to join you.

5. When it is installed, celebrate! Send your photos and information to the website and get on the worldwide map!


Keep your Little Library full of books.  Protect it. Enjoy it. Feel great!

P.S. Always support your public and school libraries!

Give Away your Toolbox

4) Display Your Toolbox

If done right, a tools/resources page can really rev up your earnings.

Why?  Because it’s easier to convert with affiliate marketing when you actually use the products.

Also, many of your readers are naturally curious about what tools/services you use for your site or niche anyway.

via Tips on Making Money From a WordPress Website / Blog.

Pretty smart idea. Especially if you have an affiliate link to sell the tools you use, like your blog theme or template. I don’t use anything paid right now. But, I could have set up Thesis as an affiliate link and could yet do so if I go back to using Thesis.

The toolbox idea is still good because as web publishers and writers we love to know what others are using, what works for them. Those are the type of post I will almost always stop to read when I notice them on another site.

History and Culture Enthusiast Wanted

Another interesting job for a writer (though this isn’t a paying job) is someone who works for a paranormal society. What would that job description read like? Read on to find out.

Our team is currently seeking one or more individuals who have a passionate interest or background in historical & genealogical research. Those wishing to express interest in this position are required to have access to historical archives, libraries, as well as an in-depth knowledge of Atlantic Canadian History & Culture. If selected, applicants will have the option of helping with field research; however, this is not a requirement of the position.

Those interested in the position are expected to have read and understood our mission statement and related information, most of which can be found here: As well, applicants should be aware that we are a not-for-profit organization; all members contribute on a volunteer basis and there is no monetary compensation for this position.

Successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate strong critical thinking skills, historical accuracy, objectivity, as well as a professional demeanor. Bilingualism is considered an asset but is not required.


  • Researching & preparing information pertaining to land records or deeds
  • Researching & preparing information pertaining to historical events
  • Researching & preparing obscure, forgotten, or “dark” history
  • Genealogical Research
  • Cold calling historians, archives, and museums
  • Compiling paranormal claims, stories, and folklore
  • Producing related content for our website

If you have previously contacted us about becoming a member of our team, your application is still on file and will be considered. Please feel free to send another email if you’d like to add any information that specifically relates to the above position.

Please forward all applications to:

Thanks for your interest!

via Maritime Paranormal™ ~ East Coast Canada ~ | Nova Scotia | New Brunswick | PEI |.

International CAPS LOCK Day: October 22nd

Where it began is up for debate. But, the consensus seems to be that International CAPS LOCK Day was started in 2000 by Derek Arnold. There is an “Official” site. It’s colourful.

I found this blog, CAPS LOCK DIABLOG, which had written a tribute to CAPS LOCK:

On October 22nd, will you leave your CAPS LOCK on?


TNW: Today is International Caps Lock Day, but what is it?

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Uncyclopedia: cAPS lOCK

Wikipedia: Caps Lock

Caps Off! Official Website

Case Converter

LifeHacker: Neuter the Caps Lock Key with Handicapslock

Add Gamification to your Site?

Have you heard about gamification.  Adding badges and such to your site to get people using more parts of your site in order to earn rewards and work towards goals like badges for good attendance, most comments, etc.

It’s likely you have already been on a site which uses this technique. What do you think about it? Does it make you feel belittled, is it addictive or is it just simple fun?


Website Magazine: How to Gamify your Website

Mashable: How to Gamify your Marketing

Mashable: 4 Reasons Every Online Brand Should Explore Gamification Strategies

HP: Hewlett Packard is NOT Linux Friendly

HP: Hewlett Packard is NOT Linux Friendly
HP on Twitter
HP Open Source and Linux
HP Linux on Twitter


On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 3:34 PM, PAVILION_SUPPORT_EN@MAIL.SUPPORT.HP <> wrote:

Hello Laura,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

From your email I understand that you are unable to install Ubuntu Linux in your HP Pavilion HPE h8-1211 Desktop PC.

I appreciate that you have forwarded the concern to us. I regret the inconveniences caused by this issue.

Laura, I would like to inform you that your HP Pavilion HPE h8-1211 Desktop PC is not compatible with Ubuntu Linux. Therefore, we at HP do not recommend you to install Ubuntu Linux. It might make your PC unstable and the software warranty of the PC would be void. Additionally, you would not be able to obtain required drivers for Ubuntu Linux from HP and thus the PC would not work properly even if you succeed to install the Ubuntu Linux.

I would like to inform you that, after analyzing the entire case and from your description of the issue, it is apparent that the issue needs a personal attention of an HP Case Manager.  Therefore, we will go ahead and escalate the case to the concerned department who in turn will get back to you accordingly.

In order to do so, I would request you to please provide us the following additional information:

  • Call back number
  • Alternate call back number (if any)
  • Two convenient call back dates and times.

Please reply with the requested information because it is important that I resolve the issue in a timely manner. If there is anything else we can do to make things easier for you, please let us know, we will be happy to assist you with all our resources.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our website at:



HP Total Care


> Dear Valued Customer,
> Thank you for communicating with us,
> We apologize for all the difficulties that this problem might have
> caused you at this time.
> Based on the information given in your e-mail inquiry, we are unable
> determine the
> product in question.  In order to provide an accurate, timely response
> to your inquiry,
> Please provide us with the following information:
> – HP/Compaq Product Name
> – Model Number
> – Serial Number
> – Problem Description
> Please also include this original message with your response.

RE: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1211 Desktop PC e-mail support

May 5

to me
Hello Laura, 

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care. 

We have understood that you want to install Linux operating system on 
your HP Pavilion HPE h8-1211 Desktop computer. 

I appreciate that you have forwarded your concern to us and given us a 
chance to assist you in regard to this matter. 

Laura, I regret to mention that HP does not recommend the change in 
operating system. However, you can go ahead and install Linux on your 
computer by using retaile version of discs. In that case, you will 
need to contact Linux support group for getting the required drivers 
compatible with the linux operating system. 

If there is anything else we can do to make things easier for you, 
please let us know and we will be happy to assist you with all our 
For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, 
please visit our website 



HP Total Care