Camel Case

You see it in titles and names like WordPress and WikiLeaks. These are words which have the specialty of not being the usual lower or upper case. These words have more than one initial capital letter. Not lovingly accepted by Grammarians and dictionaries, yet. Still, a proper name for a company/ business should be spelled correctly, the way the company itself spells it out on their business cards, website headers and so on. Thus we get camel case.

I don’t 100% agree with it, or feel comfortable using it. I tend to split the name of this blog into two words versus typing it out as WordGrrls. What do you think about the issue of camel case?

I first read the term ‘camel case’ on Terribly Write. I knew about spelling words this way but had not heard the name for it before then.

See also: NYTimes: Against Camel Case

Writer/ Editor for the TV News?

Everyone has their dream job, usually more than one. I don’t know if mine would be to write the news. It’s a picky thing, requiring perfection, fact checking and someone who really involves themselves with current events. That’s not quite me. But, for someone, writing for the TV news would be a dream job come true.

Here is a real job posting from CanWest Global. Do you have what they want? Could you round out your skills and become the perfect fit?

The Global Winnipeg News Department is seeking a full time Writer/Editor to participate in the daily production of our news and information programming. The successful candidate will be a proven journalist with demonstrable writing and technical skills. He/she will work in a competitive news environment with a motivated team whose newscasts are targeted at viewers in the 25-54 demographic.

The successful candidate will be an experienced journalist with demonstrable skills
Diploma/degree in journalism or similar relevant education
Prior reporting and editing experience an asset
Effective writing skills for both broadcast and online content and a proven ability to meet editing and on-air deadlines
Able to work co-operatively in a large team environment.
Exemplary work ethic and punctuality
Proficiency with MS Word/Excel/Outlook is a requirement.
Experience in new media platforms and posting website content is a requirement

The following is a paraphrase of requirements and primary functions and does not outline all of the duties and responsibilities for this position:

The ability to research and continually develop original and creative story ideas and local contacts.
Edit content and prepare online elements in a non-linear environment.
Edit content and reporter stories for broadcast daily in a non-linear environment.
Write web copy and elements for newscasts with the highest degree of competence, clarity, and accuracy.
Coordinate online content and website maintenance in cooperation with online team.
Strong organizational skills to facilitate daily production coordination
Assignments will include days, evenings and weekends as required.

Could you Write for a TV Show?

I found a job posting for someone to write for a TV show here in Toronto. I bet it would be an interesting job. I’m too far outside of Toronto to be there for the meetings and such. I doubt they would want to make it a telecommute sort of thing. Anyway, here is the information posted about the job just for the interest of knowing what they expect and what they are looking for.

Position: Journalist/Writer, Marilyn Denis Show, Digital Media (12 month contract)
Location: CTV-299 Queen Street West, M5V 2Z5
Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience
Hours of Work: 40 hours per week. Overtime as required.

The Marilyn Denis Show is looking for a sharp, savvy, energetic writer to help us develop and deliver the voice of the Marilyn Denis show online. Reporting to the Lead Producer of Digital Media, this position will work with both the broadcast and digital group and will be responsible for:
•Developing and executing fresh ideas to support the brand, which includes interviews, articles, photos and video to enhance the website experience
•Participating in production meetings and brainstorms
•Other duties as required

•2-4 years experience developing content for online audiences, preferably in an editorial capacity
•Must have strong lifestyle and entertainment background; clear and concise writing ability as well as an excellent command of the English language with the ability to write accurate and engaging content
•Ability to conceptualize and deliver content across various platforms; broadcast, web, mobile and social. .
•Self –starting individual with a passion for lifestyle topics such as fashion, beauty, home décor, health and wellness, as well as popular entertainment categories (television, movies, music)
•Ability to work under constant tight deadlines; time management skills and multi-tasking abilities are essential.
•Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong focus on collaboration and communication. Must be able to work individually or as part of a team.
•Must be familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•Knowledge of HTML, FTP and Photoshop an asset.
•Broadcast experience an asset.
•Must have a valid driver’s license and passport as travel may be required.

Is this your dream job? Why not look into a job with TV shows in your local area? They are out there, see if you can talk your way into something great you never dreamed of even asking for before. If you have what they are looking for, give it to them!

Ending Anonymous Comment Spam

At one point, not so long ago, I had comments turned off on this blog. Friends asked me to turn them on. Here we are, a few years later, and I’m thinking to turn them off again. Or, just shut down all the Anonymous comments at least. However, if I take off Anonymous then people who don’t have a blog at Google/ Blogger have to make an account in order to comment with their website being listed with their name. Unless Google/ Blogger has changed that since I last looked.

Anyway, I am tired of the time wasted on moderating comments versus any real people who leave a note. They have bots to spam my comments, I just have myself to moderate all the craptastic mess. So I am going for the middle road and just shutting off the Anonymous comments. If you don’t like it, thank the comment spammers.

Black Backgrounds Have Glare

One more reason not to use a black background on a website or blog… Glare!

I have a new monitor, one that stretches wider than it is tall. It is also shiny for some reason. The one that came with this computer was not shiny but this one is. Anyway, I find websites and blogs which use a black (or very dark) background are pretty hard to read. I get glare which I have to bob my head around to try to read through. Most of the time I just end up skimming to see if I really want to try reading anything.

So, now you know. Black is not the best choice for a background colour, for yet another reason.

Thank You Nordicware

Nordicware is replacing a set of plates for my Mother. She bought them in Florida and one broke when it fell on the counter this week. They were microwavable plates and she is quite happy with them so it was a shame for one to break. She sent a note to Nordicware through their website customer service. They are replacing not just the one plate but sending her a whole new set. I thought that was really decent of them. They are being shipped from the US up here to Ontario.

In this age when businesses are paying people to artificially promote them online I am giving Nordicware some sincere thanks and sincere promotion for something that is real that they did well.  They have quite a lot of nice stuff on their site. I didn’t know much about them before.

Have you ever gone to a business/ company site just to window shop online? Saves a lot on gas and bus fares. Write about a window shopping experience you have had or one that you create for a character you have read or written about.

Chocolate Caramel Latte

From the Hershey’s website:
Chocolate Caramel Latte:
1/4 cup hot espresso
1/2 cup steamed skim milk
1/4 cup HERSHEY’S Classic Caramel Topping, room temperature
Foamed milk(optional)
Stir together hot espresso, steamed milk and caramel topping in large mug or cup. Top with foamed milk, if desired. Serve immediately.

Think of this as writing inspiration. I know I will. I just have to pick up the caramel sauce next time I am at the grocery store, which should be tomorrow afternoon. Yummy….

Give a Link Even if you Don’t have a Blog

These days we assume people have a blog, not everyone does however. Or, some might not want to leave a link to their blog for whatever reason. (For instance, someone writing adult content might not want to have that link represent them when they are just sharing general information with others).

If you are leaving comments on blogs you could always add a link to something else, not a blog. How about a profile on a site where you use the forum, or a dating site? If you have Twitter or another social media site add that as your link/ website. You just need something that gives people a place to find you and give you some feedback too.  Even if it’s just to thank you for the comment.

Also, should you later want to link a blog to yourself you will be known by at least one link where people have followed you in the past.

Hand Drawn Web Design

I made this list for myself a few weeks ago. I love the hand drawn element added to web designs/ site templates. I was doing some myself, posting drawings I had done to my personal blog. I would like to get back to that.

Anyway, here for your viewing pleasure… my list of resources for creating your own hand drawn web template or for adding elements of the hand drawn to what you already have. Best wishes!

Flickr: Hand Written Blogs – Not just the template but the whole blog.


We are Not Freelancers has a video tutorial: Technique for creating a hand drawn website.

Talk Mania created a hand drawn template and has a guide to what they did to get there.

Web Designer Wall also shows their process in making the current hand drawn template.

Go Media Zine shows how to turn a hand drawn sketch into a vector illustration.

Resources: (Most are geared to using PhotoShop).

Webitect has links to resources and a few tips for designing.

1st Web Designer has resources for using PhotoShop as well as fonts anyone can use.

My Ink Blog has examples of templates and resources for making your own.

Design has template examples and resources.

Design Reviver has doodling and other resources for making hand drawn templates.

Snap 2 Objects has sketches, doodles and other hand drawn elements.

Hongkiat has 40 hand drawn fonts.


Smashing Magazine writes about the trend to hand drawn websites and shows their top picks.

Hongkiat has 50 hand drawn template designs picked out as favourites.

Outlaw Design Blog showcases 30+ hand drawn websites.

Blog Spoon Graphics has 50 Inspiring Illustrations in Web Design.

Create Who You Are Blog has a few more designs reviewed.

Pretty Simple Site Promotion Ignored

It bugs me when I go to a business or charity type of site and find they have nothing extra to offer me. Not only is it harder and harder to find a real way of contacting anyone online but they are often really skimpy on content too. What are they saving it for? Why not use the free promotion opportunities right in front of them?

Charities or campaigns such as breast cancer, saving the whale or keeping the Internet free should have something I can stick on my own site as a link back. I like having some kind of graphic and if that is included in prepared HTML code for me I can scoop it right up and paste it into my site’s HTML. Simple and sweet and don’t they want linkbacks anyway?

Businesses create lovely packaging for their products and you go to the website to see what else they have, where are other stores located and can you get some of that wonderful art as wallpaper/ background for your own site? Businesses should make this available as most people will recognize the design and notice the referral to the company placed at the bottom corner of the wallpaper. Why don’t they share it this way? Or offer us something else? It’s free promotion for them. So much thought and energy is put into SEO games and yet here is something that doesn’t rely on search engines and would bring in a lot of link backs and traffic, yet it is ignored. How silly.