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women blogOnce upon a time women formed groups to find each other online. Now, there are a lot of us wandering around, developing websites and blogs but the main groups for women online are about Mommy bloggers.

Not every woman is a Mother and not every woman wants to focus on her family when she’s thinking about writing, creating, maintaining and promoting her website. But, we all want to learn how to do it better. Many of us like to learn from other women. I do.

I can learn from anyone but there is a nice feeling to find out the person who wrote the tutorial I’ve been reading or the book I picked out at the store, is a woman. Someone who is likely to see things the way I do myself, someone who has a similar perspective to myself.

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Victoria Day: The Holiday Becoming Lost in Time

Victoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday. This year it will be on May 21st. There will be people who don’t know who Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901) is. Maybe they know her for the century she influenced with Victorian fashion and protocol. They aren’t likely to know much about Queen Victoria herself. Some won’t even know who that fat woman in the old photograph is – her tragedy, her triumphs, her life as a young woman, a monarch, a wife, a Mother and then an old woman. It’s sad to see someone who was given a day of the year to be celebrated, now become forgotten gradually.

1835, Self Portrait by Queen Victoria

Victoria was –

  • Born in Kensington Palace, in London, May 24, 1819.
  • She was baptized Alexandrina, after one of her godparents, Emperor Alexander I of Russia, and Victoria after her mother.
  • Became Queen of an empire at 18.
  • Popular respect for the Crown was at a low point at her coronation, but the modest and straightforward young Queen won the hearts of her subjects. She wished to be informed of political matters, although she had no direct input in policy decisions.
  • Privately, she attempted to influence government policy and ministerial appointments. Publicly, she became a national icon, and was identified with strict standards of personal morality.
  • The longest reigning British monarch and the longest reign of any female in history, 1837 until 1901.
  • Married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1840.
  • The Mother of nine children – four sons and five daughters: Victoria, Bertie, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, and Beatrice.
  • Widowed in 1861.
  • After Albert’s death she became withdrawn  and unpopular until reappearing in the 1870’s.
  • Had her Golden Jubilee in 1887 and her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
  • Died in 1901 (January 22) at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
  • Her reign brought a revolution in British government, huge industrial expansion and the growth of a worldwide empire (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and large parts of Africa.).
  • The national pride connected with the name of Victoria – the term Victorian England, for example, stemmed from the Queen’s ethics and personal tastes, which generally reflected those of the middle class.

The Official Website of the British Monarchy – Queen Victoria

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What holiday is being swept into the past in your own country? What do you know about the background, history and the reason for the original holiday? How does knowing more change your feelings about the day?

Women Who Think Like a Man

Where did this one start? Some of these Twitter things are too funny. I don’t think this one started out with the intent to be funny, but it is.

What would you post? Consider what we know about how men think. What men think. I’m glad we (woman that I am) don’t think like men.

As an aside, “thinking like men” meaning they have business sense or are cool under pressure or don’t care about things too deeply – whatever spirit this was started with, is not about gender. I know hard-headed business women and I know men who love coming home to their kids and spending time looking after them. People are people, whatever way they put on their pants in the morning.

Flash Fiction for Fun

Write a story in less than 100 words. How much can you say with just a little?

I used to see the same woman each time I went for groceries. I doubt the store liked having homeless people loitering at the entrance, but a few were there almost every time.

I would give her money when I could. I didn’t have money to spare really. Most days all I really had was time for a smile. What she really liked, were the days I’d stop and talk with her awhile. I’d listen. I’d give her the respect of one person for another.

I couldn’t offer her more than what I had myself.

Outreach Associate

Found this job description on ProBlogger tonight:

Guest Posting Team is looking for a Outreach Associate

We require a number of intelligent, experienced guest post assistants to work with us on various client projects.

Our aim is to secure guest posts on behalf of clients on respected niche blogs and big name websites.

Your role will involve following up with the leads that we present to you in order to secure a successful placement of content. You will be responsible for working up blog post ideas to pitch to the prospective host websites.

We have a world-class  freelance writing team with specialists in almost every industry who will then create the content to your specifications ready for you to send back to the host website in order to create a win-win-win situation. Great content for the reader, client objectives achieved and something top-notch for the blogger.

We have a structured, highly-effective process and we are looking to add smart individuals to increase our capacity.

Something new. A middleman/ woman for selling guest posts to bloggers. I wonder if they are using computer generated content rather than an actual living and breathing “world-class freelance writing team”. So they need someone to tell the computers what to write, what the sites are most likely to accept as a guest post. A computer can search keywords but still not get the flavour or the voice of the blog right. So they need a human for that middle ground. Then 100 monkeys will get together and write that guest post. Makes me all warm and tingly just thinking about how world-class that content will be.

The League of Extraordinary Ladies

The League of Extraordinary Ladies – (Twitter) – Motto is “Ordinary ladies creating extraordinary connections.”

I found the link for LxL through Twitter. Aren’t we all extraordinary in our own way? Though this is so easy to say or to write it’s a different thing when it comes to really believing it yourself.

Write about an extraordinary woman. Describe her physically, mentally and spiritually (her soul, not her religion). Describe what she does, how she thinks, all the things that make her so extraordinary.

How does she compare to the real woman, to you? If you give yourself a chance you may find you actually have a lot in common with this extraordinary woman you created.

Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans

I wrote Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans, now I’m working on Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans cause it’s good to make your brain work in different directions.

Write something short and twisted and horrifyingly spooky. Keep it to the length of just one paragraph with a beginning, middle and an ending.

Jack was exploring an old, derelict mansion, creating a photo documentary. He tripped over a floor board and found a necklace hidden underneath, it sparkled and glittered in a rainbow of colours. He put it in his pocket. The mansion was creepy. At odd moments he was sure he saw a strange woman from the corner of his eye. Finally he packed up and headed out the front door. But, each time he tried to leave he found himself weirdly turned around and entering the house again instead of leaving. Over and over and over he attempted to exit. It began to make him feel sick with dizziness. He had forgotten all about the necklace in his pocket. Which was a real shame cause that was all she wanted. The ghost watched him struggle for hours, desperate, scared. She wanted her necklace but could only take it when it passed into the realm of the dead. No matter, she’d make sure Jack never left, alive.

Another story. The thing with mirrors has long been a creepy idea for me.

Alice was a little into herself but Stanley loved her all the same. He found a full length antique mirror in a junk shop, brought it home, cleaned it up and gave it to Alice on her birthday. It was weird with gargoyles and other odd characters decorating the iron frame but she loved it. Weeks went by, Alice seemed to spend more and more time admiring herself in the mirror. She even missed important events with her family, friends and sales at her favourite stores. As time went by Stanley noticed Alice was getting thinner. Not in a slender way, like someone losing weight, Alice was becoming transparent. Doctors thought Stanley was imagining it all. They kept him for a few days, in case he became dangerous. When Stanley came home again Alice was gone. He tried to find her, but no one had seen her. After a year Stanley gave up. He packed up all her things and put them into storage. Placing the antique mirror in the storage unit, he left it facing the wall, just too sad to look at it and not see Alice reflected in it. Which was too bad cause Alice was there, trapped inside the mirror. Stanley left the storage locker, shutting off the light.

A Lady in Shining Armour

I like role reversal stories in historical fiction, however impractical and untrue they really are. Why should fiction try to be especially honest, practical or factual? If you can’t spin a few tall tales you may as well be writing non-fiction.

Dream up a character: a woman knight. She might be a secret knight, living among the men as one of them. Or, she could be accepted as one of them even though she is a woman. What is the story behind her? What does she look like? How did she learn her fighting skills? What does the future hold for her? Could she ever retire (before she gets killed off by another knight)?

My woman knight would be raised by dragons, never really knew her human family. She becomes a knight to fight for the dragon cause. She doesn’t wear skimpy stuff the way women are drawn and shown in film. She is a full knight, with a full suit of armour. No horse though. Horses would just be too scared of the dragons.