Broomstick for Broken Wings

“Women are Angels And when someone breaks our wings…. We simply continue to fly……… on a broomstick.. . We are flexible like that …”

I found this on another site. Punctuation is messed up and I don’t know where it came from. But I think it’s clever. Now I’m going to dust off my broomstick and put away those broken wings. ūüôā

Biker Chic

Have you ever thought of yourself as a biker chick? The things you would do, the adventures you could have? The leather outfits? The open roads? The power of riding a big machine? I have. I would be surprised if there is a woman who hasn’t thought about being a biker chick, even just to herself, secretly. ¬†It sounds fun, free and a real break from the regular life of being a good woman, daughter, Mother and all the other roles we taken on every day.

Get a vision of yourself as a biker chick. See the life you lead and then write about it. Develop the character. Give her a background, different from your own. Bring the character of the biker chick to life.

Does your biker chick have a touch of Mad Max, something of the science fiction/ distopia/ apocalypse theme? Mine does. She’s a¬†survivor¬†of more than just her personal past.

I started thinking about biker chicks today after looking at a link to Garage Party, which has a contest for a biker chic make over.

Pink Biker Chic РThe world is full of ways to shift into gear and align yourself with your own truth. The Pink Biker Chic programs are the GPS for feminine transformation.  We take women from heels to wheels and help them take control of the handlebars of their own life, value who they are and walk in their authentic power through the Power of PINK.

How to Fire Elastics from your Fingers

There are things boys just seem to need to know. They seem kind of silly, they make women wonder why boys/ men have some kind of death wish and they make us remember, yet again, that there are some very real differences between men and women.

Today my nephew borrowed my computer to look up how to shoot elastic bands like a gun with your hands. Why did he need to know this? His Uncle (my brother) came to visit and Zack had taken the elastics from the rolled up newspapers and now wanted to fire them off at his Uncle. I sent them outside, both fully loaded, into an area where I would not have to be picking up (and tracking down) elastic bands when they get tired of goofing around. Most likely that will be when Zack remembers he is hungry, again.

I kind of like these little things boys do, even as I cringe at some of them. Putting lighter fluid into the handle bars of a bicycle to light it and have flame shoot out. Having another boy hold him up by his hair until his entire butt was out of the seat and his whole weight was being supported by the hair on his head alone.

I grew up with a brother, I have a nephew and I’ve heard about brothers and others from women I know. Sometimes the men themselves will brag about stupid seeming things they have done. Proud of their achievements.

What are some you have heard of (or tried yourself)?

Have all Women’s Magazines Sold Out?

“Most women’s magazines simply try to mold women into bigger and better consumers.” Gloria Steinem.

It does seem this way. Even those who try to rise above the consumerism become caught up in it when they want to make money. How can they not? Our economy is geared into making women consumers.

When you read women’s magazine the basic sections (health/ fitness, beauty/fashion, parenting, home/garden) are full of glossy, full paged ads and the articles themselves show large photos of products. The text articles, the ones about heartbreak, loss and health tips don’t get the big, mouth watering photos to illustrate them. After all, there are no products to focus on, nothing to sell. However, they do sell the woman we should be, the perfect one who does all the responsible green planet saving stuff, the one who knows which foods her kids are safe eating and the one who still has time to do her make up before she leaves the house. (Of course it’s a house, it’s always a house in those ads and the illustrations for articles). There are the token articles about great things some woman is doing somewhere. The magazines may even have a career section still, most don’t, though some did in the past.

Full, glossy ad pages are devoted to displaying nail polish, salad dressing and other things available at a mall near you. There are few car ads places in women’s magazines. I’ve yet to see an ad for sports equipment in a woman’s magazine, unless it is an ad for a spa, gym or weight loss clinic type of thing. We are still consumers who look after the family while looking pretty. Even the great Cosmo has long since fallen. Last time I picked one up I was sickened by it’s focus on looking after your man. It’s long lost track of the independent woman who was strong and looked after herself, first.

Do you read women’s magazines? I do. I admit the glossy pages appeal to me. I want to dream about this great life on display between it’s glamorous pages. I sneak them into my purse so no one sees me bring them into the house. My Mother buys them too, for the recipes. I think we actually did use one of the recipes, in the past two years. For me they are wishful thinking. Yet, I am angry too. I try to limit myself to not buying any at times. I would like them to change. I would like them to represent my reality. But, they can’t. I just don’t make enough money to buy all that stuff.

The Decadent Leisurely Hostess Brunch Basket

I was reading an old copy of Chatelaine, a Canadian women’s magazine. I found a little blurb about giving the hostess of a party you attend a gift basket ¬†which she can use the morning after the party to have herself (and family) a decadent brunch (or breakfast if there are children, to be realistic). ¬†Chatelaine suggests¬†you “tuck in some tea and muffins, jam and berries, plus bubbly for wake-up mimosas. I think the idea is lovely, yet lacking in some practicality. Think of the women you know. Most would find it hard to have a leisurely brunch the morning after hosting a dinner party. ¬†I would be able to do the decadent, leisurely brunch… but I’m single and wouldn’t have been hosting a dinner party anyway. (Not that I don’t think it would be fun, I have a romantic, perfect ideal of the whole thing in my head).

What would you pack for the hostess in her decadent brunch basket? What would be both practical and decadent and not require much cooking, time and mess to make? Be creative and yet keep grounded in reality.

Communicating or Broadcasting?

Women like to communicate. Men like to broadcast.  Р Red Green

This is so true. I’ve noticed how men seen to need to make some kind of noise with everything they do. On another level someone who broadcasts is putting all their noise/ communication outwards. There is a lack of two way communication in just broadcasting. Meanwhile communication is two way but needs more time invested in it. Do women communicate but not end up having said all they wanted to?

TV People are Not Real

It kind of bugs me when you watch someone order a coffee or food on TV and then it just sits there, uneaten. Next thing they all leave and the food they said they wanted is pretty much untouched. This happens a lot on soap operas. In one, General Hospital, people go to Kelly’s Diner, sometimes they just get coffee but other times it is a whole meal put down in front of them. Maybe they take one sip, a pretend sip? Next thing they leave and it is all just left sitting there.

In romance novels women never get their period. It is never a problem for them to have sex on any given day, as long as they can find a condom. Even the condom is a recent addition to the ‘rules’. But, when did you last read a romance where the woman had to pass on sex because she was OTR, as my brother calls it.

In movies, TV and books seldom does anyone go into the bathroom to actually use the bathroom. They may chat in there, as if the bathroom’s real function is a place for discreet conversation. How would you feel, being an ordinary mortal, if you were in the stall peeing when a whole gang of women walk in and start talking about their issues? Would you just keep right on peeing or would you be frozen, feeling like an eavesdropper and wishing they would all hurry up and leave? I think TV people are all some kind of remote controlled cyborgs who don’t need or have any human functions. Just toss them a can of lube so they don’t squeak and they’re good to go.

What have you noticed about TV, books or movies that bugs you? What do TV people never do? Have you ever written basic bodily functions into a story you wrote? Is it important or better just glossed over as who really wants to know that the leading lady can’t hop into bed right now cause she needs to change her tampon?

More Women Should be Horror Writers

It’s been a tough, frustrating day at work. You get home feeling you just managed to drag yourself through the door. On the fridge, a note, one of those “gone fishing” type of notes from your significant other. In fact, everyone has gone out for the night. You will have the whole place to yourself until sometime tomorrow. Now that’s a real pick-me-up!

You begin with a long shower… hot water, your favourite scented body wash and shampoo. You even spend that extra 3 minutes in the shower letting the deep conditioner steam into the pores of your tresses. Luxury!¬† For dinner, there are some leftovers, some leftover cheesecake, some leftover ice cream and some leftover chocolate fudge cake. The cake will do for starters, an appetizer. Usually you have to sneak a piece before someone notices and nags you about those extra pounds. Tonight… you’re on your own! The stress of the day seeps out of you and the TV flicks on for whatever chick flick you find first.

The house is peaceful. It’s almost never peaceful. Even when it’s quiet you start to make cleaning lists in your head and soon you’re scrambling to get it all done again. Not tonight. Tonight the dim light as the sun fades just brings the peaceful silence that much closer. It’s comfortable.

So what is that creaky door sound? You know you’re the only one home.

If this were an ordinary chick fiction type of thing, the noise would be a surprise birthday party or something else nice and normal. But, this isn’t an ordinary piece of chick fiction writing… no… this is horror. Whatever the squeak turns out to be it won’t be nice, it may have good manners and it may even be pretty but, in the long run it won’t be nice at all.

I really think more women should be horror writers. The real horror is in ordinary things we can’t avoid: death, birth, marriage, politics, religion, health, food, shelter and clothing (the basic needs we can not live without).¬† Horror isn’t some monster a kid thinks is under their bed. Horror is the reality of the family going through everyday life and not being able to cope with bills, children and those dust bunnies under the bed that no one has time to clean any more. Horror is not having enough from your pay cheque to buy groceries. Horror is being told there’s a cancer growing in parts of your body that have always made you feel like a woman. Horror is realizing you will become an orphan and be alone in the world when your Mother dies. Horror is …

What’s your horror? Write about it. You could be a horror writer, if you think about it, write about it…

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