A Little Benching

You’re out with friends and a really good looking guy starts flirting with one of the friends at your table. He is so focused on her it becomes a bit much. The other women at the table start rolling their eyes but no one does anything. You are sitting right beside him and he is sitting right at the end of the bench. It is such a temptation to just give a really good shove and send him off the edge and onto the floor. Do you? What happens afterwards?

Wanted: Spam Killer Web Browser

I’ve been thinking about blog ads lately. They really do annoy me. I understand someone wanting to make a buck, enough to pay for their web host. Seems that is how a lot of it started, just making enough to pay for the Internet connection and web domain/ host if you have one. That was a nice plan if you could do it.

Now I think more than two thirds of the blogs and sites existing are about money making, SEO, monetizing and so on. It amazes me that people still keep making more. How much of the same information does the world need? It is choking the Internet.

I still understand running an ad or two. If you are hosted on Blogger it is nice to run their AdSense, as thanks for the free site and hosting. You might run an ad to see what all the fuss is about or try to make a bit to pay for your Internet connection, etc. There are some blogs which are trying to make money to pay for college, surgery, a car or other things they need and hope to find charity from others online.

But, that is the cut off for me. I feel I am in an ad farm and it is becoming the whole Internet. It’s like watching TV and wishing the ads would pause long enough for the show to come on. But they don’t. There is no end to the ads and it is just getting worse.

Sites are writing about products and posting them as if they were regular personal blog posts. As if they just love denture cream, credit cards or having a bigger penis. Who do they think they are fooling? I’m sure a lot of people are confused by these fake posts, likely some assume they are sincere. There must even be people who do buy the stuff. If there were no sales the stuff would stop but it’s not stopping it’s growing.

I’m not against people who spam (and I am going to call it spam no matter what you protest). I’m against having it shoved down my throat. I want a break! I want to be on the Internet and enjoy it, unplagued by ads. I want a web browser, call it Spam Killer, that will stop web abuse. I want it to give me the option of not loading a spam infested blog or site. I want a little note to come up before the sites loads and tell me how many ads are running on the site. Five or more ads, YUCK! I won’t waste my time. Two or fewer ads, ok, I’ll have a look.

I am tired of being abused. Yes, I am a consumer. I am someone who could choose to shop online. However, that does not mean I want to be a captive audience. I’m tired of being abused by those who call themselves business people online. Run your business, great. Just get it away from me. I don’t want to see beauty product ads when I am reading a blog about business women. If I want to know about beauty products I can choose to go to a site about them. Business women are not about beauty supplies. Find your correct niche and stay there. If I want to find you I will.

I’m at the point where I will not buy anything online cause I am just sick of being a victim to the ad mongers.

That’s my rant for now. I will be watching for that Spam Killer though. Anyone who remembers the days of pop up ads knows it can be done!

Keep Your Eye Patch On!

You’re an old sea captain, weathered many storms and captured your share of both women and gold. But, the sea is rough and your crew has mutinied cause you made most of them walk the plank when they drank your rum. Now, your ship is sinking. You can’t save it all by yourself and the nearest shore is far too far away. Do you go down with your ship or do you come up with some great plan to save your scurvy hide?

Focus and Angles

Being a writer is about using focus and angles. You keep your focus but you use up all the angles you can find.

For instance, take a topic like Christmas. How over done is that? Could you find something new to say about Christmas (a new angle) without forgetting who you are writing for and what you are writing about (your focus). Christmas would be a tough one but every year the magazines have flocks of articles for Christmas topics. Sure, many are the same old themes about not breaking your diet, coping with the stress of shopping, bills and family, etc. If you could come up with something new to pitch to the women’s magazines your chances of making a sale increase if you have a new angle and have not lost focus on your market.

I don’t seem to have trouble with angles. I enjoy being contrary, turning tables and looking at things in a new way. Focus, is where my trouble starts. I get looking at angles, some of them are way out there, and focus just gets lost in the brainstorm.

I like to think there are other writers out there with the opposite problem. They have all the focus keeping them grounded but they just can’t think of all the angles. While they are still working on angles I might have a chance to slip my angle in first and see my name on another cheque. My name looks so wonderful on cheques, I really should get more of them.

Using Catchy Phrases

Hitting their sweet spots has never been more important than for someone writing on the Net. What is a sweet spot? To take it out of writing context, think of yourself driving over a bumpy train track but steering your car to the side, to a spot where it’s not bumpy. That, sweet spot, is the easy on your car and yourself.

In writing the sweet spot, as I think of it, is hitting just the right word or phrase. Something that your reader is looking for and has a personal ‘thing’ for. For instance, to appeal to women you can use words like ‘diva, goddess, grrl’. Phrases like ‘adventure living, backpacking, Earthy’ appeal to nature lovers. There are better choices but those are the current pickings of my brain. Hope you get the idea.

Anyway, those catchy phrases and words are even more important online because people will be searching for them. Your article will be picked over by search spiders and those catchy, sweet spots will be caught in their web and added to a mind boggling list. You may not be first on the search list but you will appear somewhere. That’s why those sweet spots should be considered, not just in titles, subtitles and descriptions but throughout the article or essay. Don’t go crazy over it. Too much is not a good thing. But keep them in mind and don’t think it’s too cliché to use the odd cliché if it’s an effective sweet spot.

Consider some of your own sweet spot words and phrases. Which appeal to you especially? Why?

One way to find sweet spots for a certain group of people is to join one of their online discussions, chats or boards and keep track of what comes up frequently. Let me know if you come up with more sneaky ideas.

About 9 Rules

Is there any real benefit to joining 9 Rules? I think blog networks are interesting but, looking at their site I see a LOT of the blogs in the network are suffering post rot. In the For Women category none of the blogs have posts since July. Pretty sad looking and not great for promoting 9 Rules as a network. So, other than being part of a clique, is there any good reason to join?

I guess it brings traffic but for a personal blog like this getting traffic is just a way to amuse myself.

Run Your Own Country

NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It’s really up to you. Inspired by the novel: Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

The Feminist Test – Housewife

You scored 33% Gender-Abolitionist, 40% Sexually Liberal, and 0 % Socialist

You are the housewife feminist. You aren’t very philosophical or political, but rather personal and practical. Housewife feminists feel there is no need to drastically restructure society or government in order to help women. You tend to feel that individuals can make their own lives better, and restructuring society is either pointless or too extreme to achieve these goals. You are also a very moral type of person, and tend to see the plight of women through a moral lens, not wanting to oppress others in woman’s attempt to relieve their oppression. You also tend to see men and women as being very different from each other, and certainly not as equals. Some housewife feminists will even see women as superior to men because they have better qualities, such as more compassion. Normally, you would probably be classified as the “Cultural” feminist, because you emphasize the differences between men and women, tend to lack political motivation, and are not concerned with sexual liberation. I have called this position the housewife feminist, however, because someone in this category could easily be confused with a ’50s housewife–simple, non-political, accepting gender roles, holding traditional moral values, and having little sexual liberation. However, it is important to note that this does not mean the housewife feminist isn’t concerned with the women’s movement. Rather, they are concerned for women as individuals and see the radical philosophies of other feminists as impractical or misguided. You resemble a ’50s housewife on the surface, but beneath the exterior beats the heart of a true feminist.

So Quiet This Weekend

Kind of spooky. Like I wandered into one of those end of the world movies. Everyone has been evaporated from the planet but me. I’m left to wander around, which is pretty ok with me, alone going anywhere I please. Imagine all the stuff you could do. Banks and such wouldn’t matter, if your first thoughts went to amassing cash. Everything would be free for the taking. Haul away as much stuff as you can carry. I’d gather food, canned and jarred stuff like pickles (I especially love dill pickles). Then I’d pick out a place I really want to live, maybe two even. One in the city and one in the middle of nowhere, by the water.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found you were the last person left on the planet? Possibly there are others but it could take you a lifetime (or a great amount of luck or skil) to find them.

I think it would be fun. Eventually I would miss having someone to talk to, I guess. I could always get a lot of blow up dolls from some adult store and have instant company. They’d be really quiet and not much help but at least they’d keep out of my way and not want to share any of my supplies.

I think I’d miss things like radio, TV and the Internet more than I’d miss having actual real people, physically there. They say you would go crazy being alone for a long time. I wonder… Even if I did go crazy I doubt I’d actually notice a huge difference in myself. I already talk to myself. I already talk to inanimate objects. There are times when I answer myself in these conversations. So, really, how would I know I was crazy? Maybe I’d imagine someone and they could tell me.

You never know…

For now, I’m missing Skye. Did she try to sneak away from her blog? Doesn’t she know about the blogging contract? How silly of her not to read the fine print. 😉