Medieval Science Fiction

We look at Medieval science as barbaric and backwards. We think of their culture as unwashed and religious based. They believed the Earth was flat. But they thought they were just as advanced and right as we see ourselves.



Every present science looks good to those living in that time period. Medieval scientists would have had many of the same thoughts as current scientists, but filtered through their culture, knowledge, beliefs, and science.

If you were writing Medieval science fiction what would it be like? How would you combine the Middle Ages into a story about cloning, for instance?

How would you write Medieval science fiction?

io9: Science Fiction That Gets Medieval on Your Ass

Photography Replaces Writing


This was my Twitter post today. What do you think? Will written content lose it’s place to photography? I think it already has.

Most people want to get news and information in seconds. The image with a story, is the story. Writers post images to illustrate the story, or a point in the story, or just to add something visual. Photographers, capture the story in an image. Of course, the image can’t give all the information. However, people see the image and decide they know the entire story.

They might read photo’s caption, if there is one. They might read at the headline, once or twice. Headlines are easy to find in the content, easy to read too.

Headlines and subtitles can give some detail but they weren’t written to tell the whole story. These days the snippets of written content might be all anyone reads to form their opinion and decide what the writer/ journalist was communicating.

The Internet is changing how we read, how we gather information and how we evaluate what we find. Details get missed. Assumptions are made and stuck with religiously. Kind of like the Emperor’s Clothes. If everyone says so it must be true. We don’t have time to gather facts and come up with our own opinion. It’s easier to take up the popular opinion and defend it as truth because if it’s wrong… we might look stupid.

So much is changing. Writers need to become photographers or image makers if they want their content skimmed/ read at all.

Writing for a Laugh

The biggest problem with writing comedy or humour (for me) is trying to be funny. Chances are, when you actually try to be funny you don’t succeed. Humour tends to be impulsive and it works best when it isn’t expected.

The funniest stuff isn’t someone having an accident or getting hurt. Pain and suffering are not funny. Though people will laugh when they are nervous or upset. Is that really the kind of laugh you, as a writer, are looking for?

Humour works best when it takes us by surprise.

Erotic Writing Prompts

How is an erotic writing prompt different from any other writing prompt? It has sex in it.

Erotica includes sex but isn’t just sex.

This means there is a story. Too many writers get into the sex and leave the story as the background.

Erotica should be sensual.

How do you especially like to be touched? What kind of touch gives you pleasurable shivers?

Don’t even start thinking about sex itself. Start with the touches which aren’t very intimate but get noticed and get you interested in having more.

For me it’s my back. A stroke down my back will always get my attention.

Personality Insights from Your Writing

This was such an interesting test. I don’t agree (or like) everything it had to say about me from my writing. But, the sample I chose was about art, so that may have biased the results. I’m going to try it with a couple of other articles I’ve written. Maybe some from years ago even just to see what kind of results I get overall.

You are unpretentious, boisterous and explosive.

You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. You are unconcerned with art: you are less concerned with artistic or creative activities than most people who participated in our surveys. And you are laid-back: you appreciate a relaxed pace in life.

Your choices are driven by a desire for well-being.

You are relatively unconcerned with achieving success: you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. You consider tradition to guide a large part of what you do: you highly respect the groups you belong to and follow their guidance.

Source: Personality Insights


Writers as Games Developers

Is this a dream job for you? I like playing computer games (video games on the PC). I know someone is writing the characters,  dialogue, plot and so on.

Writers would also be involved in promoting the game (including social media). The best people for the job would be the writers familiar with the game.

Interactive writers are the men and women who come up with the stories and write the dialog and even the text messages seen in a range of interactive media from games to apps. Often working in a team, they may find brainstorming and mind-mapping skills just as important as old-fashioned writing skills. Rather than a novel, what they produce is closer to a film or TV script.

via How Writers Can Work with Games Developers | Publishing Perspectives.

JustWriteIt 30-Day Writing Challenge

Work with whatever gets your keyboard tapping. This one is for Harlequin. Does it help to have a tight deadline, an end goal closing in?


We’ve got something special for this month’s Just Write It challenge. For the month of July, we’ll be partnering with Harlequin in support of their So You Think You Can Write contest. This annual writing contest from one of the world’s leading publishers comes with a huge prize: the chance to get your story published with Harlequin!

Source: JustWriteIt 30-Day Writing Challenge – Wattpad


#Modification Monday

What could you give up, stop doing or quit today that would give you a break and more time to work on things which really do give you something back? Too often I get obsessed with details and don’t start the big things which I really want to be doing, and would really make a difference. I feel great when I get something big accomplished but I too easily get sidetracked with little things along the way.

So along came the idea for Modification Monday. Today I’m going to try to throw out one of the small things I’ve been focusing on. There are so many… and it’s not easy to let them go.