Tail Twitching

A tiger has escaped from the city zoo. You know this because you live not far outside the city in a nice house at the end of a residential street and there is a tiger staring at you through glass door of your walk out to the deck in your backyard. He looks kind of peaceful, just sitting there, hardly moving at all but for the twitch at the tip of his tail. But you’re afraid to move in case that makes him decide to move. It’s much nicer just having a quiet, slow staring contest with the tiger. You just know things are not going to go all that well for you once he starts moving. How long can you keep up just staring and what finally happens to break the stand off?

1 thought on “Tail Twitching

  1. Luckily, you realize you have the local zoo on speed-dial on your cell phone in your pocket. You reach in slowly, and press the button. When the zoo operator answers you slowly bring the phone to your lips and say, “Are you missing a tiger? He came to visit me at” and give your address. You hold that pose, smiling, until the men with ropes arrive and take Tiger away.

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