Taking the Winter Train

You’re on a train, going through snowy ice covered mountains. It’s cold, bitterly cold. Your breath is coming out in swirls of steam even inside the warmest car on the train. Everyone is wearing full winter gear. Still hours until your stop, the end of the line. You sit with your backpack at your back, a little cushion from the bump and sway of the train. In your hands is a hot drink (you’re not sure what it really is) from one of the other passengers.

Where are you going and why are you going there?

1 thought on “Taking the Winter Train

  1. Long train trips are a dream vacation for me! This sounds like the one I plan to take over the Canadian Rockies someday. That is a cup of hot spiced tea that my husband has just brought me (he will be going with me on this trip whether he wants to or not). We are returning to Chicago from Alaska (where we were cruising around the ice bergs).

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