Testing the Interest for a WordPress Group in Barrie

kijijiWordPressI have thought about starting a group to meet monthly or more often in Barrie to talk about WordPress. I have been building and maintaining my own sites with WordPress for over ten years. I don’t mind to share my experience and give help to others who are also working on their own sites. So, I’m posting this to see what interest there is in the idea.

I’m not offering to work for free – to build or fix a site for anyone. This would be a social group to share ideas, tips and help each other. I live in the North/East of Barrie so likely any meeting would be in a coffee shop on the bus route in my area.

If there seems to be some sincere interest I can work out details for actually getting together. So send me an email if this seems like a good idea to you – and you would actually show up for a meeting.

Posted this a few minutes ago. Will see what comes of it.

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