The Abandoned Shopping Mall Plants

In an abandoned shopping mall there are hundreds of plants slowing dying from lack of water. They can get sunlight (most of them) from skylights in the mall. But, no one comes in to bring them water. The whole mall closed down weeks ago when there just weren’t enough shoppers, the last shop closed it’s doors and then the owners of the mall itself gave up and had the utilities turned off and the mall boarded and locked up.

Rodents and insects inherited the mall. In one store the roof has begun leaking. Not close to any of the plants, no help to them, but the leak is getting worse and the ceiling tiles are falling in.

How do the plants get rescued? Do the plants get rescued in time or do they just die off quietly and uncared for?

2 thoughts on “The Abandoned Shopping Mall Plants

  1. How interesting! I did not recognise this was a writing prompt at first and found my mind shooting off in hundreds of directions. What a post-apocalyptic, futuristic notion. Or a sign of the current economic crisis. I haven’t tried to write fiction since we were forced to do creative writing at school. Perhaps I should try?

  2. Try to write some fiction. It’s fun, even if you just write it for the sake of writing and seeing where your mind goes.

    The idea about the plants came from seeing an abandoned shopping mall (with lots of plants) on Seeing them in the photos made me think about how they won’t last long without some kind of human care.

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