The Art in Hoarding

I heard about the woman who was missing and later found under the stash of all her hoardings. I have watched the TV show Hoarders and cringed while thinking of my own collection of clutter and the dust bunnies I haven’t sucked up yet. But, I’ve also looked at photos of collections of clutter and been drawn to them. Things like bookshelves full of books, jars and jars of canned goods, collections of teacups and saucers, you get the idea. There is a beauty in excess.

This started me on an adventure to find others who have thought the same.

Flickr: Beauty in the Clutter
Flickr: Windowsill Art
Flickr: Little Things Belonging to Women – Feminine clutter.
Fine Particulates: The Art of DeCollection
Tumblr: If I Were a Hoarder
Tumblr: Bookshelf Porn
Matters of Style: Maximalists and the Art of Clutter
Design Sponge: Sibella Court

One interesting thing I found is the word maximalist.

Wikipedia says:

Maximalist is a quality of excessive redundancy oft exhibited by way of the overt accumulation of appurtenances that reflect current society. In other references the term refers to either the ostentatious displays of the extensive possessions of the super-rich or the obsessive collecting as frequently found in the behavior of garage sale shoppers who accumulate common household goods past reason.

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