The Culture of the Diary

If you’ve never kept a diary, try it for one week. Write a note to yourself every day and see how it goes. If you already keep a diary give it an update or think of something unusual to write about. What haven’t you confessed to the clean, white pages? What are you holding back, even there?

From Samuel Pepys to Bridget Jones, the private journal combines the mundane with the confessional. Lucy Scholes reveals why the diary still fascinates readers.

Source: BBC – Culture – Anne Frank and the cult of the diary

2 thoughts on “The Culture of the Diary”

  1. I’ve tried to keep diaries, but I always give up on them after a while. There’s nothing I really want to say to myself in the present, and I’ve always been a little creeped out when I read personal notes to myself from the past. It comes from feeling a great disconnect between my current self and my past self, mixed with being an introvert. I think, “who is this woman, and why is she talking to me?” 😛

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