The Gritty Truth About Ear Dirt

How do ears get dirty? Think about it. It’s not like they are hands or your face which is in the wind and such. I almost forget I have ears until I wash my hair and remember to squish some soap around them too. Yet, I happen to brush some hair out of my face and encounter ear dirt hiding in the folds of my ear. How did it get there?

What is ear dirt? Did it come from some other planet? Did it hope I’d be the one to finally listen to it, recognize is as more than just a bit of grit?

What about your own ears? Check them, check them now! Beware the ear dirt from another planet. What will you do if you find weird dirt, gritty stuff on your ear? What about behind your ear? That’s another great place for it to hide. Where does ear dirt live when it isn’t in your ear? What goals and dreams does ear dirt have? Write about it, inform the world!

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