The Slant of the News

I stopped listening to the news a long time ago. If you listen too much it feels like there is no hope at all. Another woman missing, another woman found murdered, another woman shot in the head by her boyfriend/ husband. If you listen to all of that who would you ever trust, you’d become paranoid and live like a hermit with far too many cats and your groceries being delivered – but just to the fence, not to the door itself!

The economic stuff aside, the violence and aggressiveness is what really worries me. So, I’ve just stopped listening to it. Once you stop listening to the news you remember what life was like when your world was more about your neighbours than the world at large. You focus on what the people you can help everyday are doing and what they need. Everything looks much better when you deal with what is in front of you instead of looking at the world – as reported by the news mongers who want to sell papers after all. Newspapers aren’t exactly out there to report world peace and good will to all men. They make money by selling us fear, thrills and chills.

If you listen to the news you have to keep in mind that you are getting a warped version of the world. Sex, fear and violence sell far better than the kid who found their lost puppy. They save the nice news for somewhere inside the paper. Good news seldom makes page one.

My comment as posted to Ken’s Writing blog. A post about dealing with too much negative news.

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