Try a New Writing Format

No matter who you are, there will come a time when you need to write someting and just don’t have the inspiration to make a start at it. One thing you can do is try a new format. An interview, when possible, is a good way to go. But, there are other options. I found this list when I was looking at writing jobs today. I’m posting it as a reminder to myself as much as a tip for anyone else. 🙂


Articles will be written in a few key formats. (These formats will expand as we grow).

– A History of…. (e.g. A History of Mars Exploration)

– Nerdy Lists … (e.g. 10 scariest video games of all time)

– Stuff For Nerds (e.g. Twenty awesome iPhone cases for nerds)

– Versus (e.g. Klingons vs. Tribbles).

via Bloggers / Freelance Writers needed for Geeky/Nerdy topics.

3 thoughts on “Try a New Writing Format

  1. Ah see now I applied for that job and I never heard from them. Btw, this is Valerie… aka soulfully blonde from years ago. Idk if you remember me. I remembered my funky midnight writing blog ad wondered if I had left it out there and came upon your blog once again! You’ve kept this going for a long time! How nice to see! 🙂

  2. I remember you Valerie. I tried to find you twice in the years since Soulfully Blonde. One blog was private. I think that was as much as I could find. Very nice to see you again. I remember you had moved to that new town, Celebration or something like that as a name. How did things go? My email is send me a note. We have no water at the house this weekend, plumbing is out and getting fixed this week. So I may not write back right away. But, I’d really like to hear from you.

  3. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it says I have to be registered as a team member. Followed the link to Twitter but it doesn’t look like you use that account much. I hope you check back and find this note here.

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