Turn Posts and Categories into Faux eBooks

Lorelle on WordPress has created images in her sidebar to link to favourite, popular posts and categories in her blog.

But, she has made the images look like more – I thought they were going to be ebooks she has written. Did you think the same (if you have seen them) too?

Could you do the same? Think about the posts which tend to get the most traffic from your older posts and rewrite the titles as an ebook title. Then create a little image file. Then pull up the posts you wrote and loved, the ones you thought would attract readers but just never took off. Dust off the dust bunnies and give them another chance. Do the same for your prime/ important category or categories.

Put a selection of the images in the sidebar, together. Keep them uniform in size and colour, etc. So they look like a set and will all seem to be something you did intentionally rather than random links to other sites or ads.

I bet you will get more clicks on them. I clicked on them in Lorelle’s blog sidebar because I thought they would be an interesting ebook to download and read.

2 thoughts on “Turn Posts and Categories into Faux eBooks”

  1. Thanks for the mention of my article series icons. My article series and specific categories get a lot of attention and I recommend them often in the comments and at workshops and classes, so it helps to have placeholders on every page to reference. The images are self promotional ads, if you will. They could easily be ebooks, categories, and other material like events. One should never assume, which is why I titled them “Article Series.”

    Which brings up a very good point. You were looking for ebooks and passed by the title of the block of article series to assume they were ebooks. We need to be very clear to not mislead readers. Images as icons or badges could be anything in the sidebar, so they need to help the reader understand what they are so they aren’t disappointed.

    I’m working on turning many of my successful article series into ebooks, and they will be promoted as ebooks accordingly, as my other published works are.

    Thanks again! Good work.

  2. Thank you for following up on my link back to your site. I don’t know how you get so much done. You visited and left a comment last time I linked to you too.

    I did look at your ebooks while I was on your site. I ordered the blogging book. I was glad to see it available now.

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