What I Learned from my Goldfish Today

What I’ve learned from my goldfish today… You can not underestimate space and camouflage.

The feral goldfish in my backyard pond have had babies after all. I thought it would be impossible for any fish fry (babies) born out there to survive the adult goldfish, the frogs and toads and the assorted birds and other predators who wander by. But, they are there. Yesterday I was looking at the pond on a quiet day when the water was very clear. I noticed two new goldfish, smaller than the others. I really knew they were new because they are brown/ bronzed coloured. Until now there were only two fish in the pond that colour, now there are four. I don’t know goldfish genetics enough to know if the bronze fish are the lucky parents but it does seem bronze is the right colour for natural selection in a backyard pond.

Anyway, with enough space to find food and shelter (and the right camouflage) two baby goldfish have survived the Spring and Summer season.  It was really nice to see them. I won’t go so far as to claim they are cute but they are alive and that’s an achievement in itself!

Write something where camouflage is an essential element to survival. Don’t just think about jungle scenarios. Where does camouflage fit into urban life? How could some element of that be added to an urban story?

Also, why does camouflage have so many letters? It’s a spelling hazard. The goldfish don’t have an answer for that one.

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