Why Do I Like Exploring Old Houses?

“Don’t blink. Don’t turn your back and don’t look away.” Quoted from Doctor Who.

I love Doctor Who. The stone angels episode is still my favourite for downright creepy. In spite of seeing it half a dozen times I still half crawl out of my skin at the scenes in the old house. Ironic, considering I photograph old, abandoned houses and never feel anything creepy in any of them. The worst that has happened was the time I think I stepped on a toad. (I’m still hoping I didn’t).

Animals are a challenge with exploring old houses and abandoned buildings and sites in general. I’ve been attacked by a swarm of wild honeybees, chased by all kinds of birds (from hummingbirds to turkey vultures) and cautiously walked around deep holes in the ground belonging to animals I didn’t want to see in person. People don’t give me a problem about walking around. Most are just curious. Some have given me background and history about the location, which I always appreciate hearing. The odd time someone questioned my motives, at those times I discovered the place I was photographing was derelict but not actually abandoned. It happens. People can live in a run down house and still call it home.

ย What makes an old house seem creepy to you?

3 thoughts on “Why Do I Like Exploring Old Houses?

  1. I love exploring abandoned buildings but tend not to. Most around here are boarded up to stop illegal immigrants living in them. It’s a shame because there are some old commercial buildings that look like they’ve been abandoned for 50+ years with some incredible Victorian architecture.

    I’ve only been challenged a couple of times that I recall. Once was in the ruins on an old manor house that burnt down during the war. The gamekeeper thought I was poaching. Once I explained he was very friendly and told me about the history of the place. The other time was in an airfield control tower that was abandoned after the war. I was challenge by a farm worked who was pretty abusive.

    I think around here it’s generally assumed if you’re inside an abandoned building, you’re probably looking for something to steal, probably copper pipes.

    By the way, the angels are one of my favourites too ๐Ÿ™‚ They recently featured on a set of Doctor Who postage stamps…

    • If you search on Flickr you might find photos of those abandoned Victorian commercial buildings. There are some very good photographers who explore old ruins and relics in the UK. I love seeing photos from other people IF they get up close and pay attention to details and don’t muck it up with being too artsy. I started groups on Flickr myself, just to see more places because I can only explore so much myself.

      Did you get the stamps with angels on them? If so, don’t look at them too long and if you start to feel like you’ve got something in your eye… keep your eyes closed.

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