Writing in Good Faith

For the A – Z Blogging Challenge … W is for Witch.

No, it’s not early for Halloween. There are Witches, Wiccans and Pagans all year round. Could you write about someone who has a different religion or spirituality than you? Probably, with some research to learn about their traditions and beliefs. But, could you write about it in a way which does not seem judgmental in any way? That is harder I think. We tend to have feelings and opinions about everything we write about. But, if you are writing about something personal like religion you really need to be impartial in order to respect the people who believe in that faith.

There may be a case where you show or give your opinion, such as a non-fiction article or debate, something along those lines. If you are writing about a fictional character who happens to be Pagan, Catholic, a Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish or any other religion, spirituality or belief system it is best if you can present their beliefs as an extension of who they are or a reason for their actions without putting down the traditions or beliefs they have.

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  1. They are called ASCII Art Tara. I started making them years ago in a newsgroup online. I first noticed them when I was new online, it took me awhile to find a name for them but then I found a whole newsgroup. I started making them again (the group is long gone) this year.

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