Write Every Day aka The Reality of the Day of a Writer

From Chris Baty, the NaNoWriMo Newsletter:

Write every day. Even if you just knock out 75 words before collapsing into bed, those 75 words will keep you connected you to your story in essential ways, and make diving back into your book much easier.

Between one and a hundred things I have not even started for NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I said I was just giving up on it and I might still do that. But, this morning, when I was still waking up and not quite back into my life yet, I thought that I could still do it. I’d just need to write double the regular words per day. The month isn’t half gone by. It is still a possibility.

So I turned on the computer, waiting for it to load up all the Windows stuff, the Acer stuff and then some update it just had to do for Java. It finally finished loading up a second time after the annoying Java thing… then I was called away. My Mother needed me to get the lawn mower out from the garage where my brother had put it away behind a bunch of lawn furniture he had stored away for the winter last weekend. So I did that. Then she wanted me to do something else, then something else still and then a couple of other things… about two hours later I came back to my computer.

Now I have about 10 minutes before I leave for a birthday party for my niece who will be 5 today and is very excited and especially phoned me last night to make sure I remembered her birthday and to tell me (again) that I am on her invited list.

Knowing the usual at my sister’s house I will be making the dinner, after I clean up her kitchen. Then it seems she bought a cake mix so I am probably going to be making the birthday cake. Then the party itself. Then the running around and pinging off walls while my sister and her husband forget they are parents. I will be getting the girls into the bath and then tucked into bed. Then, by 8:00 or so I will come back downstairs. My sister may want to play cards but these days she is nearing the end of her pregnancy so she may not and just watch TV or go to bed early herself.

I will get home any time from 9:00 to midnight, as I have in the past on babysitting days. I will try to write then when I sit here in front of the computer. But, first I will need to unwind a bit. So I check email, probably put on a computer game and end up going to bed cause my eyes cant’ stay open to do much of anything.

So that will be another day of not writing for NaNoWriMo. But, I did update for my daily post here. That’s a good thing!

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