Word Grrls / Getting Organized - The Never Ending Project

I am not a well organized person and I don't even set it as a goal for myself. It is not something you can attain because it is a never ending process, a daily effort which is never finished. But, you can always find good, or interesting, ideas about how to be better organized. When you find an idea that does help you, keep it. The best organizing tips are things you can turn into a habit for yourself.

My best tip? Be realistic.

When you have a stack of papers (my biggest piles of things to do are made of paper) to deal with avoid bringing in even more. Notice the word avoid. You can't completely eliminate paperwork, and papers in general from your life. There are bills, little things you ripped out of a print magazine, a business card from that place you need to call, etc. Even when you have a stack of stuff like that you can't avoid having more come along. Unless you are super efficient with free time to yourself.

But, you can keep a notebook to jot notes and ideas in - instead of keeping an assortment individual papers. Having these in a notebook means you will be able to find them and you save more clutter which means you have a better chance of dealing with or using what you write in your notebook. Plus, you won't lose the business cards and little bits of this and that. You can staple/ tape things into your notebook too. Or, for you phone obsessed people, take a picture of it.

Try to avoid having any place in your home where you drop things off, dump things to be taken care of later. The more you can get done at the time the less you have hanging over your head making you feel pressured or hemmed in/ trapped. This means, hang up your coat rather than let it fall where it may. It's nice when your coat isn't wrinkled or getting tripped over in the hallway. How many other things can you apply this to?