Word Grrls / No More Pennies - The Ceasation of Low Denomination Coins in Canadian Circulation

If you are Canadian, or another country which has stopped circulating coin money like pennies, do you miss them?

I do and yet I don't. I miss the existence of pennies. Though I still carry several of them in my change purse, they can never be used again.

But, I don't miss the weight of them, the physical weight. Coins build up pretty quickly. In the case of Canadian change, I don't think pennies made any difference as far as the weight of change/ coins we carry around. Yes, they stopped pennies, but only after adding loonies and twoonies (one dollar and two dollars coins). So the weight of pennies was a small difference when we already had hefty loonies and twoonies.

Overall, I guess, I do miss pennies. The copper maple leaf side was pretty and Canadian looking. Also, I miss looking at the dates (the year) on them. I miss the surprise of discovering an old penny. So old it had the old king, before Elizabeth was stamped on our pennies. It was rare to find them and now never at all.

No more pennies, in Canada.